Thanks for stopping by. My family calls me Daniel (except my great uncle, who pronounces my name "Danielle.") My friends call me Daniel or Dan (except my friend Tommy Schultz, who started calling me Danimal when we were in the Philippines.) You can call me whatever you like, just please don't call me "Danny." In Japan, my English students called me Da-Ni-E-Ru, or Rupan Sensei, as I bore a fleeting resemblance to a well-known manga character, Rupan Sansei or Lupin the Third. I also respond favorably to "dbs." if you have any plans to spell dbs, i much prefer how it looks in lower case, as opposed to upper case. it may have something to do with the symmetry of the "db." My favorite "db" are the davids, bowie and byrne. My favorite "bs" are pictured below, frozen. I prefer them super fresh.

I haven't always used my middle name, but at some point, I got bored of people ALWAYS singing that "Daniel Simon, Daniel Simon, no last name, no last name" song. And my middle name is actually my grandmother's maiden name. She was Fannie Bowman until she married my grandfather as soon as he came home from WWII. Then she became Fannie Bowman Simon. She always said they had a 39-year honeymoon, she always drank a half a cup of coffee, and she always liked that I kept the "Bowman" torch alive!

OK, that's more than enough about me.

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